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Body Signals: Stress-Related Patient Testimonials

Hello, chiropractic friends! Welcome to Week 3 of our Body Signals Initiative Web Series!

This week is ALL about patient testimonials! We absolutely love it when our patients speak from personal experience in chiropractic!

This week we got a chance to sit down and talk with one of our patients, Tia. We hope you enjoy her story in chiropractic!

Please share! Patient Testimonials are so powerful.

Read What More Of Our Patients Have To Say:

“I drove all the way from Panama City, Florida!”

Dearest friends at Greensboro Chiropractic, I had to write and tell you about how well I am doing since my last visit.

I came to you in so much pain and limited mobility that I drove all the way from Panama City, Florida to obtain care from you all.

You facilitated relief and soundness to such a degree that I wept. Now I smile. So this last year I returned for care and am still enjoying soundness ad health.

Thank you for the care but also for the encouragement to victory and healing for our bodies. Thank you and God bless you all.

- Lianne

“Helps me maintain a high quality of health!”

Chiropractic care keeps my mind and body in balance. So, I believe wholeheartedly in chiropractic care as a way to be healthy and have less pain. Chiropractic care helps me maintain a high quality of health and allows me to feel better. Thank you!!

- Connie C

“My health has improved greatly”

I was referred to Greensboro Chiropractic by my previous chiropractic care out of state. My health, in general, has improved greatly and the result has improved my quality of life in my work as well as in my personal life. I don’t feel that there is a choice about whether to continue with my wellness care. I enjoy feeling the positive benefits of a properly functioning body.

- Linda

“The best health and wellness decision I have made!”

Going to Dr. Fonke has been the best health and wellness decision I have made for now and my future.

- Ralph

“Dr. Fonke is utterly amazing.”

Dr. Fonke is utterly amazing. I have bad anxiety especially in public or when it comes to my health, but he always makes sure that I feel safe and comfortable and is always so, so kind. I can immediately tell a difference in my physical and mental health after being adjusted and long term as well, 10/10 recommend Greensboro Chiropractic and Dr. Jon!

- Ashlyn

“Really made an impact on me!”

Greensboro Chiropractic is amazing. Dr. Gehrke and Dr. Fonke are wonderful and the entire staff makes you feel super comfortable and at home. Dr. Gehrke has helped me to live a healthier lifestyle and has a personal approach to his practice. Rather than just going in, getting a quick adjustment, and leaving—he makes sure you leave with a better understanding of your body and how it works, and that’s really made an impact on me!

- Katie

“It’s life changing”

It’s life changing, and I knew it on my first day. I was in really bad shape, however thanks to the doctors, I have my life back. I am forever grateful for making the chiropractor my first choice, instead of medicine.

- Tramaine

“This place is utterly amazing.”

This place is utterly amazing. The holistic approach to my wellness that the doctors take is outstanding. The core values of Greensboro Chiropractic is that they treat your overall health. I’ve learned so much from Dr. Gehrke. He made sure that I had a clear understanding of the overall health of my spine and the importance of being proactive and not reactive.

- Renee

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