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Orthotics at Greensboro Chiropractic

heel pain while walkingAs feet are the foundation of the body, you want them to be as healthy and problem-free as possible. One of the best ways you can achieve that is with custom orthotics. These prescription shoe inserts can correct many foot problems such as flat feet, high arches, plantar fasciitis (also known as heel spurs) and bunions.

Do I Need Orthotics?

If you have feet that are overpronated, supinated or losing their arch, that can affect the knees, which in turn impacts the hips and also can affect the spine. A variety of issues can arise, including headaches and neck pain that can sometimes be pinpointed back to the cause.

We often see that when there are issues in the feet because they’re not properly supported, patients often have issues in the spine, which can cause a chain reaction of problems.  Fortunately, custom orthotics can address them.

What About OTC Ones?

While you can go to a big-box store like Walmart and step on a machine to have orthotics made, those are not individualized and won’t provide the best support. That’s why we choose to offer Foot Levelers which are backed by substantial scientific research. Foot Levelers orthotics are customized to fit each person’s unique foot and to address their particular problem.

What to Expect

The first step in getting custom orthotics is to contact our practice and let us know you want to have your foot scanned. When you come in you’ll have a foot scan, which takes just a few minutes. We’ll have a chat with you about your orthotics. Then we will place the order and when it comes in, we’ll show you how to properly place them in the shoe.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for custom orthotics to be ready?

Your orthotics will be ready in about a week.

Can you wear orthotics in different types of shoes?

Yes. You can get inserts where you can take out the soles of your shoe and put them in to replace the soles. Or you can get shoes built with the orthotics in them, like flip flops, running shoes, dress shoes, etc.

Can kids get orthotics?

Yes, because children’s feet need proper support too! Please note, however, that with children, you’re going to have to replace the orthotics more frequently due to the child’s rapid growth and development. When children mature and stop growing the foot’s going to be healthier because they have orthotics. So orthotics helps grow the foot into a healthier position.

Can wearing orthotics benefit my sports performance?

It can. Having proper support for the feet will limit injuries to your body, helping everything to function well and keeping your body in the best possible alignment.

Will my adjustments hold longer if I wear orthotics?


Can wearing orthotics improve my posture?

Yes, that’s because if you have foot issues such as overpronation you will likely have poor posture where your shoulders and head are in a forward position. By correcting your feet with orthotics, your posture can improve.

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