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The Body Signals Initiative

Body Signals Intro Video Start Screen

Introducing: The Body Signals Initiative!

The time has come for us to launch our new Body Signals Initiative. Join us each month for a new Body Signal. We will have blog posts, weekly videos, research articles, and personal testimonials from our patients. We are all…

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Body Signals: How Stress Affects The Body

If someone asked you how stressed you have been these past few weeks, what would you say? Stress is something everyone experiences from time to time. It exists in a variety of types – all of which carry health risks…

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managing stress video

Body Signals: How To Manage Stress

Stress is an unavoidable part of life. Trying to decrease or eliminate stress is not entirely plausible or possible. Instead of stressing about removing stress, we should focus on ways to manage the amount of stress we deal with…

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Woman holding a heart

Body Signals: Stress-Related Patient Testimonials

“Dearest friends at GSO, I had to write and tell you about how well I am doing since my last visit. I came to you in so much pain and limited mobility that I drove all the way from Panama City, Florida to obtain care from you all…

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Body Signals Week 4 video thumbnail

Body Signals: Chiropractic Care and Stress

Let’s be honest, life is Stressful. It is easy to find things to stress about with all that is going on today. Job pressure, finances, health issues, relationship troubles, the media, and other environmental factors can weigh us down…

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Woman with headache rubs her temples

Body Signals: Headaches and Health

Headaches are extremely common. Whether they occur after a long day at the office, or right when you wake up in the morning, they can be a sign of an underlying health issue. Remember, a symptom – or body signal – is your body’s way of letting you know something is not functioning properly…

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