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Pediatric Chiropractic at Greensboro Chiropractic

Baby getting adjusted on tableA safe way to set your kids up for lifetime health! Help your children get a head start on avoiding the problems you face as an adult.

If only I had started when I was a kid…

We choose to work with children in order to help them maintain an overall healthier childhood, and give them the best chance at optimal physical wellbeing.

Our goal is ultimately to address the health issues in your child before they ever become a problem. This is a proactive approach to healthcare rather than reactive, and can help your children avoid potential discomfort altogether.

A Family Friendly Environment

The Greensboro Chiropractic office is a fun, upbeat, high energy place that is specifically designed to set your kids at ease. Our practitioners are able to apply adjustments with a number of techniques and positions designed to settle uncomfortable children.

We apply quick and effective adjustments with low force instruments, until they are entirely comfortable with the process. Infants receive adjustments through light pressure touch, no more than you would apply when testing a fruit for ripeness.

Results You Can See

Our doctors have adjusted newborn babies only hours after birth, a process which they’ve seen firsthand almost immediately aid in issues with latching. Dr. Fonke himself, his own baby, and nearly his entire extended family were all adjusted as mere infants. Both Dr. Fonke and Dr. Gehrke are certified in the Webster Technique and are members of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA).

We adjust babies because birth is a traumatic experience that can itself subluxate the infant’s spine. The process is extremely safe and that is why we have no hesitation doing it on our own children, nieces, and nephews.

Learn More About Your Options

Our doctors believe that kids under chiropractic care generally have a better opportunity to live a healthier and safer life than kids that aren’t. Contact our offices today to learn more!

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