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Meet Dr. Jonathan Fonke

Dr. Jonathan FonkeDr. Fonke comes from a family of six Chiropractors, all of whom have devoted their lives to helping people achieve their health goals. But his entry into the field actually stems from his own life saving chiropractic event when he was just 4 years old. Dr. Fonke was born with pyloric stenosis, a condition which worsened dramatically during infancy. He received surgery as a newborn in order to aid with digestion issues, but his problems re-arose only a few years later.

His doctors attempted to solve his issues with continuous antibiotics, and before long, he had tried 5 different kinds. Eventually, these harsh medications killed off the good bacteria in his intestines and he developed C. difficile. Having exhausted every other option and with no solution in sight, they turned to his uncle, Jerry Fonke, a new chiropractor based in Fayetteville. Within weeks of his first adjustment, Dr. Fonke was off all medication and thriving.

Dr. Fonke chose this profession in order to provide the same life changing, and life saving, results that chiropractic provided him as a child. He is a walking testament to the efficacy of the profession and he brings this passion to his practice every day.

Greensboro Roots

Dr. Fonke has lived in Greensboro since 1995 and loves running his practice out of his beloved hometown. Greensboro Chiropractic is a family practice that has operated here in Greensboro since the 1980’s, and the doctor is proud to continue that legacy and serve the community with the best chiropractic care he is capable of for the next 50 years!


Dr. Fonke attended elementary school at the local Immaculate Heart of Mary and high school at High Point Central.

He attended undergrad at UNC-Greensboro and Appalachian State University. Dr. Fonke received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University.

Dr. Fonke is also a proud brother of the Delta Sigma Fraternity of Straight Chiropractic, which is the oldest organization in chiropractic clocking in at over a century old.

Outside of the Practice

Dr. Fonke married the love of his life, Joy, in June of 2012, and they welcomed their first child Luciana in 2018. The growing family is passionate about traveling and sports. Between Joy’s New Jersey roots and Doctor Fonke’s North Carolina home, the two enjoy cheering on their favorite teams together, the New York Giants, Yankees, and Carolina Panthers.

Dr. Fonke is always excited to welcome new members to the chiropractic community! Contact us today!

Dr. Jonathan Fonke | (336) 545-3132