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Meet Dr. Jonathan Fonke

Journey to Chiropractic


Dr. Fonke and his wife, Joy

One could say that Chiropractic is in my blood, coming from a family of 6 Chiropractors. This is true but it’s not why I decided to devote my life to this wonderful profession. I had my own life saving event with chiropractic when I was just 4 years old. I was a very sickly when I was an adolescent. I was born with pyloric stenosis and by 2 weeks old I had projectile vomit and was not digesting food like I needed to. After the surgery, I was doing okay for a few years, then I got sick again. The doctors kept on giving me antibiotics and before long I had taken 5 different kinds. Due to these harsh antibiotics killing off all my good bacteria in my intestines I developed C. difficile. This can happen when antibiotics destroy all the good bacteria in your gut and allow other bacteria to thrive. I got to a point when the doctors did not know what to do with me and there was no hope in sight. My parents had exhausted the medical route and it was time for something different. This is when my uncle, Jerry Fonke, graduated from chiropractic school and came back to Fayetteville, NC to setup his practice. I began chiropractic care in 1992 and have never looked back. Within weeks of getting adjusted I was off all medication and beginning to thrive. Chiropractic truly did save my life. I decided to join this profession so that I could help people get their life back, the same way it did for me.

Serving the Greensboro Community


Dr. Fonke and Joy Fonke representing our 2 favorite teams!

I’m excited to be back in the Greensboro community, after being away at school in Atlanta for 4 years. I’ve lived in the Triad since 1995, going to elementary school at Immaculate Heart of Mary, high school at High Point Central, and finishing up my undergrad at UNC-Greensboro and Appalachian State University. I married the love of my life, Joy, in June of 2012 and we welcomed our first child Luciana to our family in 2018.  We love sports with Joy, from New Jersey, being a New York Giants fan while Dr. Fonke is a die-hard Carolina Panthers fan. I’m also a proud Brother of the Delta Sigma Fraternity of Straight Chiropractic, which is the oldest organization in chiropractic, in it’s 105th year. I’m excited to be part of my family’s practice, here in Greensboro, and I look forward to serving this community with the best chiropractic care I’m capable of for the next 50 years! Life is a gift, living it well is a choice, let our family help yours live well! Call our Greensboro chiropractic office today! Your’s in Health, Dr. Jonathan Fonke

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