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New Patients

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Welcome to Greensboro Chiropractic!

Welcome to the upbeat, high energy center of wellness that we call Greensboro Chiropractic!

Our offices offer a comfortable, open waiting room with high ceilings, friendly staff, and an accessible kids corner for play. We are also proud to provide on-site x-rays, open parking, and free consultations!

Our rotating schedule is designed specifically to accommodate the busy lifestyles of Greensboro residents. We provide these workshops as part of our constant effort to arm you with education on your journey to results, and to that end, we commit to providing informational brochures, copies of your own Report of Findings, and a re-evaluation every 12 visits.

Our Two Visit Process

Your First Visit

We’re so happy you’ve decided to join the Greensboro Chiropractic family.

Expect to spend around 45 minutes at your first visit. To best prepare, we recommend wearing comfortable clothing and filling out your paperwork online beforehand, as thoroughly as possible.

After we greet you at our front desk and confirm that your paperwork has been received, we like to provide all financial and insurance benefits upfront. Once you feel sufficiently informed, we take you on an office tour to get you comfortable with our space.

Next is your full consultation and exam, dedicated to making sure we understand your issues and whether or not we can help you address them. If we find that we’re on the same page, we can move forward with same day, on-site X-rays, which generally consist of EMG, thermal scans, heart rate variability testing, and a full set of spinal X-rays.

Once complete, we take you back upfront, where we like to schedule your second visit ASAP. We like you to come back within 24-48 hours to go over your report of findings, so the Doctor can get you started on your path to wellness as quickly as possible, and before your root issues and symptomatology alter and worsen.

Your Second Visit

Welcome Back! We’re so excited to greet you again.

This time, our Chiropractic Assistant will go over all the scans and information from yesterday’s visit. When you feel sufficiently informed, the Doctor will come in and give you a full explanation of your specific issues, using your X-rays, with a prepared recommended plan to fix it. Once you’ve agreed on care and financial plans, we’ll get you scheduled and start the adjustment process.

Committing to Health

Did you know normal adjustment visits only average about 10-15 minutes? That’s right-it’s so easy to fit self-care into your schedule!

Committing to chiropractic care will come as an obvious, natural choice once you start to experience results. Would you stop brushing your teeth or going to the gym after seeing positive change once? Of course not. Dedication to health is a lifetime journey, and once you experience the benefits you won’t want to return to a harder version of your life.

Discover More

We look forward to arming you with knowledge on your path to wellness. Contact Greensboro Chiropractic at (336) 545-3132 today!


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